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Brian throwing a pot The pottery studio is located in the middle of thirty acres in Pass Christian, Ms along the banks of the Wolf River, with bayous, creeks, and cypress swamps, teaming with wildlife. Brian lives in his hand built home only a short walk from his kilns.  He takes a walk everyday on the property to find his inspiration for the pots he makes, looking at the wildlife, plants, vines, trees, insects, leaves and anything interesting.  As the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement or The Japanese Meingi Philosophy, Brian lives along these same veins, building his own home, studio, kilns and is self-sufficient his property.


Nettles pottery is made from a high fire clay mostly turned on the potter’s wheel. While the pots are made for daily use for food or flowers.  Brian does make sculptural work just for viewing pleasure. After the pots are left to dry for a week or so, they are bisk fired or the first firing. Brian then makes high-fired glazes in earth tones that compliment nature; the glaze covers the bisk-fired pot.  Fired to 2380 Fahrenheit in gas reduction kilns, wood fired kilns or soda kilns, the pots are vitrified and harden to take the stresses of the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and are food safe.