Students will learn a variety of methods in working with clay. The potters wheel is the main focus, with some types of hand building techniques to be demonstrated during the class. All students will learn basic and advanced glazing techniques. Students will learn how to identify different firing methods, as well as ceramic history lectures.

Cost $300


Students will build a number of ceramic projects from sculpture to dinner ware. Learn soft slab and stiff slab construction along with extrusions, coils, slump and hump molds. All students will learn basic and advanced glazing techniques.

Cost $300


All classes are ten weeks, meet once a week for two hours, and receive two hours a week of OPEN STUDIO TIME, cost $300.

Class includes twenty five pounds of clay, glazes and firing of approximately 20 pieces of work. More clay is available for a fee if needed. Each student will participate in a Raku firing at the end of the class. Missed classes can be made up during the ten week session. The studio is a new 3400 square foot heat and cooled state of the art ceramic studio.


Private lessons on any ceramic subject; beginning throwing, throwing larger forms, raku firing, glaze making, kiln building, ceramic history.


Artist, Educator, Curator, Brian Nettles, has been making and teaching  pottery classes for over twenty years and was the Director of Studio Ceramics at The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum for nine years. He has worked with many of the nations top ceramic artists and has participated in many national and international exhibitions, his work is in public and private collections. After receiving a BFA in ceramics he traveled and studied the art of wood firing and Japanese ceramics in Japan.