A working ceramic studio where a community of clay artist and people interested in making ceramic objects and pottery come together to learn, share ideas and feed off energies. The new 3400 square foot facility has  pottery and ceramic classes, shared studio rentals, private studio rentals, workshops, lectures and gallery openings. The studio is equipped with  twelve potters wheels, slab rollers, extruders, molds, electric kilns, gas kilns, raku kilns, an anagama kiln, tables, clay, slips and glazes. The studio is located on thirty acres along the banks of the Wolf River and  surrounded by a two acre outdoor sculpture park.



Pottery Class—ten week class, meets once a week for two hours, includes instruction, two hours of “OPEN STUDIO TIME”  per week, 25 pounds of clay, glaze and firing, more clay can be purchased if needed.

$300 for a Ten Week Pottery Class or $250 when you sign up for the CLASS with the SHARED STUDIO MEMBERSHIP.

$10 per hour when you go over the two hour a week “open studio time.”



A membership for the more advanced clay worker or class member, NO instructor, must have taken at least one class at Nettles Studios. You will have access to the shared pottery studio from 9:00am to 9:00pm seven days a week except during “timeouts” which is times during classes, camps, workshops or programs.

Nettles Studios will post up-coming “timeouts” weeks in advance.

Clay, glaze and firing must be purchased from Nettles Studios. This membership allows you to use the shared studio, tools, tables, kilns and equipment in the pottery studio. Each member will have their own shelf to store personal tools, work, et

A Shared Membership allows discounts on classes, workshops and programs. $130 per month.



These are reserved private spaces approximately 10’x10’ or 100 square feet. Each well lighted space will have a locked door for privacy, a work table, shelving, utilities are included. Private Studio Members can supply their own wheel or Nettles Studios can provide rentals.

Private studio gives you access to all kilns and equipment in the shared studio.

Clay ($30 a bag) is an additional fee, which includes glaze, firing and must be purchased from Nettles Studios.

Private Studio Members have access from 9am to 9 pm seven days a week, membership receive discounts on classes, workshops and programs. $250 a month.